woensdag 23 januari 2008

Proper "iPod Game" File Declaration

I have declared the files in the iPod Game "Phase"


Executables - Folder, contains encrypted boot loader and purchaser information
Resoucres - Folder, contains manuals for iTunes
a.m4a - Bang Camaro: Nightlife Commando, Phase soundtrack
b.m4a - Dealership: Dots and Dashes, Phase soundtrack
c.m4a - Freezepop: Pop Music is not a Crime, Phase soundtrack
d.m4a - Inter:sect: Midnight Gamma, Phase soundtrack
e.m4a - Kodomo: Spira Mirabilis, Phase soundtrack
f.m4a - Speck: The Theme of the Awesome, Phase soundtrack
g.m4a - Universal Hall Pass: Dragonfly rmx, Phase soundtrack
m.m4a - Menu Sound, Phase soundtrack
global_soundbank.dat - Possible "action sounds" Container
main_0.ark - File container
main.hdr - It contains file names, Possibly part of Main.ark
iTunesArtwork - Possible playlist
iTunesMetaData - Game information(Name, Creator and such)
Manifest.plist - BuildIdentifier for included files/DRM/And all sort of legacy information
Manifest.plist.p7b - Apple Certificate
phase1a.raw.lcd5 - Related to the bootloader
phase.raw.lcd5 - Related to the bootloader
rserver.bin - Not sure what this is

Note if it says, Possible/Possibly I mean I'm not sure about it
Note2 it's proper

zaterdag 17 november 2007

R4 Easy Installer


I have just finished my R4 Easy Installer
Tough installing the R4's Firmware files are very easy already
This is even easier!

The easy installer can install the latest firmware files on the MicroSD
Or even Update to the latest firmware files!

The program is so easy to use its self explaining, no manual required!


Download(File size 7.3MB, Firmware Files included):

Mirror1(Direct Link V1.0.1)

Download(File size 47KB, EXE only for update, no firmware files included):

Mirror1(Direct Link V1.0.1 EXE ONLY)

Latest Version: 1.0.1

vrijdag 16 november 2007


This is going to be my space now
Going to drop my projects here except of just dumping them on forums
I'm currently working on an R4 Easy Installer which is almost done and i will release it on my blog

Some more information about me:
Hello I'm Dylan
My nickname is Hit
And i code in Visual Basic 6