woensdag 23 januari 2008

Proper "iPod Game" File Declaration

I have declared the files in the iPod Game "Phase"


Executables - Folder, contains encrypted boot loader and purchaser information
Resoucres - Folder, contains manuals for iTunes
a.m4a - Bang Camaro: Nightlife Commando, Phase soundtrack
b.m4a - Dealership: Dots and Dashes, Phase soundtrack
c.m4a - Freezepop: Pop Music is not a Crime, Phase soundtrack
d.m4a - Inter:sect: Midnight Gamma, Phase soundtrack
e.m4a - Kodomo: Spira Mirabilis, Phase soundtrack
f.m4a - Speck: The Theme of the Awesome, Phase soundtrack
g.m4a - Universal Hall Pass: Dragonfly rmx, Phase soundtrack
m.m4a - Menu Sound, Phase soundtrack
global_soundbank.dat - Possible "action sounds" Container
main_0.ark - File container
main.hdr - It contains file names, Possibly part of Main.ark
iTunesArtwork - Possible playlist
iTunesMetaData - Game information(Name, Creator and such)
Manifest.plist - BuildIdentifier for included files/DRM/And all sort of legacy information
Manifest.plist.p7b - Apple Certificate
phase1a.raw.lcd5 - Related to the bootloader
phase.raw.lcd5 - Related to the bootloader
rserver.bin - Not sure what this is

Note if it says, Possible/Possibly I mean I'm not sure about it
Note2 it's proper